Photographer Credits 

This web site would not have been possible without the invaluable help of numerous lorry photographers and drivers who over the years have spent many hours capturing W & J Riding images for posterity.

Tom and i would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this website and should you see a photograph which is yours please let us know and we will credit your name to the image and add your name to the ever growing list below.......

John Atkinson

Mark S Bailey

Edward J Beazley

Roy Beecher

Craig Berriff

Colin Billington

Fred Bretherton

Michael Brewer

Mike Cale

Ronnie Cameron

David Chalker

Robert Cheetham

Peter Chowns

Peter J Davies

Peter Davison

Michael Deuchars

Jack Draper

Alan Dixon

Andrew Eastham

Alan Fleming

Tim Forrest 

Anthony Freeman

Chris Gardner

Paul C Gee

John Gibbs

Ron Hall

Keith Halstead

Gordon Hayes

Mally Hayne

Roger Kenney

Eric Kershaw

Colin Knapp

Billy Lambert

Marcus Lester

David Lomas

Jack London

Colin Maidens

Mick McKay

Geoff Milne

Neil Mitchell

Jack Moon

Roger Pickering

Ade Portlock

Jonathan Pye

Bill Reid

Rex Rich

Chris Richards

Mike Richardson

Steve Richardson

Steve Saunders

Nigel Scaife

Mark Schofield

John Dickson-Simpson

Dave Smith

David A Smith

Mick Spencer

Jim Taylor

Bob Tuck

David Whitfield

Ron Williams

Dorothy Woods

Colin Wright

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