Incobulk Contract

Incobulk Bulk Plastic Transportation was formed in Eastleigh Hampshire by Brian Cairns.

Brian approached W & J Riding and asked them if they would haul his containers from Southampton docks to various destinations throughout the UK but mainly the North of England.

The contract began in the late 1970's with Riding's own liveried vehicles, but later Incobulk's own liverey was applied to a number of Riding's Seddon Atkinson's assigned to the contract.

 After a number of years Brian decided to sell out to Verbrugge Internationale Wegtransporten of the Netherlands who wanted a foothold in the UK market.

Atkinson Borderer 4X2 tractor unit Reg No TTC 490L Fleet No 19 'Spirited'was driven from new by the late Jimmy Holden.

Registered new on the 6th of October 1972 it was powered by the legendary Gardner 180 6LXB engine in line with David Brown box and Kirkstall axles.

 It is pictured here while discharging an early Incobulk load at James Hallstead's factory at Whitefield near Manchester.

Seddon Atkinson 400 Series 4x2 tractor unit Reg No GCK 870S Fleet 92 'Cock o' the North' was registered new on the 1st of March 1978 and was powered by the reliable Gardner 240 eight cylinder engine.


This Teesside based tractor unit was driven from new by Jimmy Renton and spent most of its life with a non tipping powder tank moving nylon chip from Wilton to ICI Ltd at Pontypool.

It is pictured here towards the end of its working life with a Incobulk 30 foot container tank mounted on a 30 foot non tipping tandem axle skellyl trailer which Riding's normally hired out to Bailee Freight Services of Yarm.

Volvo F7 4X2 tractor unit Reg No WCK 26V Fleet No 69 'Hotspur' is coupled up to a tandem axle trailer with another early Incobulk container discharging it's load of powder at Wrexham.

Tom Riding continues below...

 "The driver at the time was Tony Lee who is seen on crutches at the rear of the vehicle after hurting hurt his leg.

 I brought the outfit back home and Tony drove back in my car, he later set up his own haulage business which lasted a few years".

Seddon Atkinson 4x2 tractor unit Reg No FGK 582X Fleet No 31 'Flamboyant' was powered by a Cummins E 290 engine and was painted up in the Incobulk brown and yellow livery.

 Driven by jimmy McColl it is pictured here tipping PVC paste at Nairns of Kirkcaldy in the contract livery of Incobulk of Southampton.

This was one of five Seddon Atkinson tractor unit's that Tom Riding bought which were originally owned by Watney Mann of London and had been used for trunking beer.

Tom Riding recalls below...

 "Having bought the five tractor units for £40 000 they had originally been fitted with Allison 5 speed automatic gearboxes.

We converted them to Fuller 9509 manual direct top gearboxes and coupled to their original 3.7 : 1 final drive ratio they were all superb machines.

 They had been previously maintained by Watney's to a high standard and were very successful for us".

Another shot of Seddon Atkinson 401 4x2 tractor unit Reg No FGK 582X Fleet No 31 'Flamboyant'.

 Coupled up to a Metlair built tipping tanker driver Jimmy McColl is discharging the first load of ICI pvc paste grade at Nairn's of Kirkcaldy .

 See this close up picture below v

Driver Jimmy McColl is a picture of concentration as he attempts to get the right amount of product and air flow into the discharge line.

This first delivery was very successful and subsequent deliveries to Nairn's went on for years

Registered new on the 1st of August 1983, at a cost of £22,209.47p + vat, Seddon Atkinson 301 Series 4X2 tractor unit Reg No A130 HCK Fleet No 77 'Sir Tristram' was at first assigned to the Incobulk contract.

Riding's ran a small number of these lightweight cabbed 301's which were actually designed and launched as a 38-tonner.

 Driven from new by Mick Mckay A130 HCK came with a Cummins L10 250 engine but Riding's later rebuilt the engine into a more powerful Cummins L10 290.

 After spending a couple of years on the Incobulk contract A130 HCK was repainted into Riding's standard livery and transferred over to the general haulage fleet.

Seddon Atkinson 4-11 4x2 tractor unit Reg No E40 GFR Fleet No 55 Rising Star, powered by a Gardner 290 LXDT engine, was assigned to the Incobulk contract when brand new.

Jim McColl was allocated this tractor unit when Riding's took Seddon Atkinson 401 Reg No FGK 582X off the Incobulk job and down graded it to general haulage.

Registered new on the 1st of September 1987, at a cost of £28,716 plus vat it remained in the fleet for eight years during which time it was repainted in to Verbrugge livery.

On the 6th of June 1995 E40 GFR was sold on to local dealer Syd Hartley for£2.600 plus vat.

Pictured here it was later bought by France and Wood of Marsden near Huddersfield who ran it on general haulage until it was scrapped in 1999. 

Another shot of Seddon Atkinson 4-11 4x2 tractor unit Reg No E40 GFR Fleet No 55 Rising Star had a 290 LXDT Gardner engine.

 Registered new on the 1st of September 1987 at a cost of £28,716 plus VAT it remained in the fleet for eight years until it was sold on for £2.600 plus VAT on the 6th of June 1995.

Jim McColl was allocated this tractor unit from new when Riding's took Seddon Atkinson 401 4x2 tractor unit FGK 582X off the Incobulk job and down graded it to the general haulage fleet.

The tractor unit on the right stood next to E40 GFR is Reg No ERP 160X Fleet No 91 'Phoenix 11' a Seddon Atkinson 401 with a Cummins E290 engine that Tom Riding bought second hand.

 Tom Riding continues below....

 "We fitted ERP 160X with blowing gear and it proved a useful and cheap addition to the fleet.

 It was originally new in March 1982 and we paid £4,500 plus vat in August 1986 when it was four years old selling it on in October 1990 for £3500 plus vat.

That's what you call a good cheap motor with Ian Smith driving it when it first joined our fleet".

Photograph courtesy of Marcus Lester.

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