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Jeremy Rowland
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I became an apprentice truck mechanic at Ryland Vehicle Group (Dudley) in 1978 two of the 400 series in your photographs I have worked on namely JFK388V and COL628V.

COL was one of two such trucks operated by Dunlop the other being sister truck COL629V I have no idea what became of that one? One of them received damage to the nearside of the cab when a front tyre blew out it was repaired at Rylands.

I cannot recall who first operated JF388V I wonder if it was Colin L Parsons of Mucklow Hill who ran a mixed fleet that consisted of several Seddon Atkinsons?

Later I worked for H Fellows Transport who operated all Seddon Atkinson bar one GUY when I first worked for them; to cut a long story short Ellis Fellows eventually sold the business not long after I had finished my employment there, the business went bump but Ellis later repurchased it and had to open it as Ellis J Fellows Transport. Not long after this he purchased WKY730Y a former Riding truck, although the name had been removed it still carried the Riding livery and the name 'Wolf of Badenoch' I fitted a second hand cam into it's E290 engine because it had picked up on one of the injector lobes causing it to smoke. I drove that truck from Ellis's yard over to Bromford Steel Works in Birmingham (now long gone) this was the last time that I ever drove a truck.

Obviously Ellis had purchased this truck from TransLitre at Burton a company that I had visited several times on his behalf can anybody on here please tell me what happened to that company?

Great site BTW :)


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Paul Anderson
Site Owner
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Thank you for your interesting post Jeremy.

Pleased you like the site and Tom Riding himself will also leave you a reply shortly. 


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Jeremy Rowland
Posts: 2

Thank you Paul I look forward to hearing from Tom.


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