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Hiya shugg, Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your query, but here goes. Let me make one thing clear from the start, the Cummins big cam E290 /E320 were magnificent engines and we had lots of them at one time. I was never a fan of the PT fuel system but I was obviously wrong on this score because as a common rail system it is now used almost universally.Like wise I didn't like wet cylinder liners but if you used the correct water treatment they didn't give problems.I felt  then as I do now that I should use equipment  sourced in the U K by British owned companies .At the time Perkins ticked all the boxes. We found the 12.17 litre TX engines to be first class bits of kit and gave us no problems whatsoever.To be made in Shrewsbury was the icing on the cake.To this day I would still be trying to buy  equipment made in the UK. Tom Riding.

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Many thanks for your reply , and trust you are back to full fighting fitness after your operation .

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Hi I have been reading the article on the beast with interest. Just an update for you on the ballast trucks inwilton. I have purchased the three erf and one foden ballast trucks along with so me special five axle trailers and tandem axle dollys. They will be probably sold for export but if you need any photos of these vehicles I would be more than happy to help.
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