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Riding`s were big Leyland user`s ,was the Marathon ever considered as the truck spec was in line with Ridings usual spec ,ie Cummins / Perkins engines and Fulier gearboxes .?

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T W Riding
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Hi Shrugg, Sorry for the delay in replying to your query but my computer has been down for a few days. I was invited along with some of my fellow M D,s in the group to go to Montreux for the official launch of the Marathon but I declined the invitation. All of the ones who went did buy one at the event. Our Leyland days were over by this time and I was convinced the Atkinson was the way forward. The people at Atkinsons were first class in every way and the product was sound. I didn't like the footbrake operating design or the foundation brakes on the Marathon and the I thought the AEC engine was suspect. The cab was sat high on the chassis and looked ungainly to me. The whole vehicle just didn't sell itself to me .I may have been wrong but it was a long time ago and I do wish the whole Leyland company had been more successful.  Tom Riding.

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